Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Davis Mikaels Remembers Zelda

I've known Zelda for about 3 years... and I can honestly say that even though I've known her for a short time compared to everyone else... she's changed my life forever in so many positive ways...

I have many of the same stories to share that I've read via email today. She ALWAYS asked and truly cared about how my sick mother was doing... asked about me... and truly listened... you just knew she really cared about you. I STRIVE to have a heart like her... but I don't think I could ever compete... not in a million years... when she said something she meant it... she put her money where her mouth is... she spoke w/ conviction... be it a topic that was serious, dirty or even funny... usually VERY funny. She was supportive, caring and loving and DID bring groups of people together... she introduced me to new friends and she introduced me to her agent... and now he's mine too... I have wonderful memories that I'll always remember... going out for Indian food... trying to see her at dim sum and celebrating her birthday. She had a youthful spirit and acted a lot younger than her body showed... I truly miss her... and thank you DAVID for including me on all he updates... you two had an amazing relationship... and I hope I'm lucky enough to find someone as special as the one you had w/ ZELDA... I miss you Zelda...

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  1. I will alway remember her visiting her Long time Friend Bob Bush from Long Beach ,I always knew when she was visiting because as I would walk by Bob's door I could hear Zelda and Bob singing one of his songs from Broadway and laughing all at the same time ,She always had time for us and always made us feel so special she will be Dearly Missed