Friday, January 29, 2010

Scott Hewitt Remembers Zelda

Another wonderful chapter. Zelda reached for my hand and touched my heart about 10 years ago. Zelda and David showed up at the restaurant I was managing and from that moment she took me in as part of her family. Zelda always made me feel as just as important as everyone else in the room. It was amazing she always called me on my birthday which was just a few days before hers. I went to her birthday parties, and it was incredible how she would go around the room and tell us how she met each person.

When Zelda first invited me to one of her birthday parties at Michelangelo’s, I got to meet many of you and was introduced to a group of amazing people she surrounded herself with. I remember sitting there and everyone was so warm and friendly. I continued to see many of the same incredible people each birthday after that. I was even able to host one of her birthday parties at my restaurant in Malibu called Gladstone’s. When I went to open another restaurant much further away in long beach, Gladstone’s also, Zelda and David even made the long trip down on several occasions. Who cannot forget the many times we went to Gingergrass. Zelda commented to me how nice it was that whenever I would leave her, I would tell her if she needed anything to please call. I was able to spend sometime with Zelda on Sunday, I wanted so much for her to tell me what I could do for her then.

They say a person can sometimes be judged by the company she keeps and with all the wonderful people she introduced me to, she was one incredible person.

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