Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Erika Lenkert Remembers Zelda

I met Zelda (and David, bless your heart) 14 years ago as a fresh transplant from LA. It was during a dinner at Sushi on Sunset, which I attended after being invited by a fascinating group of Swedish film industry people I'd met on the town a day or two before. Looking back, it was no surprise we met this way. Zelda has always been an avid collector of exceptional people. Over California rolls and banter I immediately found myself drawn to her. Her smarts, her humor, and her adventurous, frank, and joyous nature were beyond captivating, as you all know. I've loved and admired her ever since.

As I've been thinking about her over these past days and especially this morning, I continue to marvel at what an amazing woman she was and is. Have you ever met a better friend? I don't know anyone who called on each and every birthday--and even called my mother on hers--remembered the name of my daughter and husband, and inquired about them every time we spoke even though much of our face-time together happened before they entered my life, and made a valiant effort to keep in touch even 10 years after I left LA.

I remember Zelda telling me she wanted to write a book on friendship. In my mind, she did exactly that, through example. Her ability to share so much of herself with the people lucky enough to fly in her orbit, and her strength and determination to live joyously and lovingly are indelibly inked into my mindr. Not to mention her spectacular humor, generosity, and love of food and celebration (those birthday parties!)--what a woman! There will never be anyone like Zelda. She was truly one of a kind.

I am so grateful to have known her. She will always be alive in my heart.

Thank you, David, for being there. Huge hugs to you. You are a true prince.

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